IAMWS – Welcome Aboard

IAMWS (International Association of Marine Warranty Surveyors) is a affiliate of the National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc. (USA).

IAMWS established in 2013, is an international society for Marine Warranty Surveyors with the following aims:

  • Assess and provide accreditation to practicing Marine Warranty Surveyors, to ensure they operate to an acknowledged minimum professional standard and code of ethics.
  • Provide a technical forum to share ideas, best practice and lessons learned.
  • Promote an open dialogue with Underwriters, Oil & Gas companies, contractors, and other stakeholders, with the Marine Warranty surveying industry.

IAMWS membership is open to Individual Marine Warranty Surveyors (not companies).

To qualify, Marine Warranty Surveyors will need to demonstrate that they are capable of performing to a minimum standard of competency.  They will undergo testing, continuing professional development and be subject to the rules of the association.